Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Icy Traffic!

This new blog post is titled ICY traffic for two reasons. 
First, as I look out the window I see the lovely ice coated landscape of Berwyn, IL and realize that my commute home will be almost entirely on a sheet of ice- leading to some very ICY traffic! 
The other reason is the fact that I had almost 

200 blog views in few days post the ICE Conference last Friday! 


A huge shoutout to all my new visitors- hopefully you found the resources you were looking for from my Going Paperless in the 21st Century presentation. If you are still looking- check right above this post where you see the word Paperless. You click that and it brings you to the whole slideshow in image form. 

Remember- if you have ANY questions at all, please comment and ask. I would love to help!

I also wanted to seek out some interest levels on another presentation of mine: Using Technology to Improve Reading Instruction. Like my Going Paperless presentation, it offers tips and tricks to help with using technology in the classroom- specifically in the reading classroom (as my background is a Reading Specialist). 
If any of my readers would be interested in seeing the images from that presentation, please comment  below and let me know! Also, if you could include where you are from or some more about you (Twitter handle, school district, etc) that would be even better!

I look forward to building a PLN with all my new readers and hopefully sharing some new information!


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